Non-Profit of the Week

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Download the 2017 Non-Profit Application here!


By shopping at the market you are supporting local area growers and fresh food vendors as well as contributing to worthwhile causes in our community. Instead of charging Farmers Market Vendors to sell on the Town Square each Saturday, they donate 10% of their weekly revenues to the featured Non-Profit of the Week.

Organizations with 503(c) status apply each year via a competitive grant application process. Selections are based on locality, service achieved in our town and state and their ability to promote their featured weekend at the Farmers Market. Collaboration between local organizations and Market Vendors that graciously donate a significant amount of gross sales each week help strengthen our local economy and community, not to mention that is brings everyone together!

The Jackson Hole Farmers Market on Town Square has contributed a total more than $300,000 to area non-profit organizations since its inception in 2000.
Check back soon for the list of weekly non-profits!


We wish to thank the local business and community members who graciously donated coffee to many of the featured “Non-Profits of the Week” at the Farmers Market on the Jackson Town Square!